Some local kustomers... they love their new red Venusian!

VRed image1

Local friends displaying their new RainVane!!


Local kouple building their own wind toy farm!

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“Daisy” as they call our 4-Wheel Drive in Pennsylvania!


Local Kustomers with 4-Wheel Drive and a gorgeous Saturnian!

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A Kustomer’s installation of our Round’N Round on his deck:


Beautiful display in Colorado of a Wave Form, Rainbow and Venusian:

IMG_0158 FullSizeRender

IMG_0064 copy

Nearby (to us) Kustomers with a Spiral, Venusian and Double Helix:

IMG_0753 IMG_0743

Local Kustomers with a 4-Wheel Drive:


Elegant water view of a Spiral Wind Vane in Oregon:

Screen shot 2018-02-06 at 3.34.13 PM

A Venusian and Rainbow in a lovely garden on the coast in Washington:

IMG_1096 IMG_1097

A MiniRainbow flying in North Carolina, and
this Kustomer just purchased a Round ’N Round to
combine with his MiniRainbow! Photo below of how terrific it looks...
Wow!! What a great idea!

20180119_124225 IMG_2853

Our 4-Wheel Drive flying high with some very happy Kustomers!


More photos coming soon... we wish we had many more
Kustomers’ pics, but they must be so enthralled with
their wind toys that they forget to send them to us...

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤