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A custom Cornucopia/directional sculpture “Carrot On” at our local Co-op (they LOVE our sculptures!)

What a setting for our wind sculptures, MiniRainbow and Illusion!
IMG_1635 (002)

Our Marrowstone looks great on a deck, yes?

Cool Venusian in Georgia!

What a lovely garden for the 4-Wheel Drive!

Happy frog on a Marrowstone pointer!

Multiple wind sculptures in such a beautiful place!
A red Venusian:
Wheel in the Sky:
Marrowstone 001!

Wheel in the Sky... so happy at her new home with local kustomers!

Such a beautiful garden for their new Marrowstone!

What a happy home for their HyperDrive!
Screen shot 2020-09-02 at 5.22.25 PM

Local kustomers started their own wind toy farm - gorgeous!
IMG_1319 IMG_1321 IMG_1324 IMG_1329 IMG_1309 IMG_1313

Half Moon Spiral Wind Vane graces the entrance driveway to home of local kustomers!
Another Half Moon Spiral Wind Vane graces a waterway in Florida!
Screen shot 2020-01-01 at 3.54.48 PM

Kustomers on the gorgeous coast, a perfect spot for our fabulous wind toys!
Sunny Skies and Breezy Bird Buffet look right at home...

IMG_1078 IMG_1076
Some local kustomers... they love their new red Venusian!
VRed image1
Local friends displaying their new RainVane!! (we have since added a snow gauge)
Local kouple building their own wind toy farm!
Pasted Graphic
“Daisy” as they call our 4-Wheel Drive in Pennsylvania!
Local Kustomers with 4-Wheel Drive and a gorgeous Saturnian!
Pasted Graphic Pasted Graphic 1
A Kustomer’s installation of our Round’N Round on his deck:
Beautiful display in Colorado of a Wave Form, Rainbow and Venusian:
IMG_0158 FullSizeRender
IMG_0064 copy
Kustomers with a Spiral, Venusian and Double Helix:
IMG_0753 IMG_0743
Local Kustomers with a 4-Wheel Drive:
Elegant water view of a Spiral Wind Vane in Oregon:
Screen shot 2018-02-06 at 3.34.13 PM
A Venusian and Rainbow in a lovely garden on the coast in Washington:
A MiniRainbow flying in North Carolina, and they combined a Round ’N Round with a MiniRainbow!
20180119_124225 IMG_2853
Our 4-Wheel Drive flying high with some very happy Kustomers!


Our garden visitors...

IMG_0945 IMG_0950IMG_9318_2

Working at fabricating... using recycled materials with many of our tools running on solar power! Plus we use all stainless steel parts

Craig-shop1 CWorking2 Pasted Graphic 1
CWorking4 CWorking3
VLA WorkingShop1
We use aluminum flashing to make the cups that catch the wind, recycled bicycle wheels & marine-grade plywood
All parts are custom fabricated, which means everything is designed, sourced,
welded and tested by the factory (that's us!)

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋
We installed a “Venusian” and a “Saturnian”
on top of 2 greenhouses at our local
Chimacum Corner Market

ChimacumClose ChimacumWindToys1 SaturnianClose

At our local food co-op, they now have our “Rainbow”, “SeaBird”, Venusian & Spiral Helix 2. They love our wind toys because the movements and designs are so interesting and unique!

FoodCoopVenusian Rainbow1Co-opSeaBirdIMG_1939

Wind toys with solar lights... Truly magical!!!


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