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And you’ll really love our new
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We build them all!
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Check out our Kinetic Wind Sculptures!
They’re so cool, and
so unique!! I could watch them turn all day...
I help my folks build them right here!

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Gemini NightPhoto2
Wind toys at night, all lit up with solar lights!! It’s truly magical!

We design and manufacture all of our unique kinetic wind sculptures
They are so fascinating to watch, and they move so easily in any breeze!

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For more photos, information & prices,
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solarwaterpumpingsystems cowswithtankandsolarpanels

“I got my Wind Turbines and Solar Equipment
from the great folks at Wildnature Solutions
(they were terrific) !

Jeff M., Pennsylvania

1050 Hurricane-Sandy-Power-Lines-Down-In-Seaside-Heights
One of our customers in Philly, Jeff M., who has 2 of our Wind Turbines and a Solar Panel array on his roof... sent us this story and photos of surviving Hurricane Sandy with full electrical power 100% of the time during and after the storm

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